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  • School I.D. Cards will be issued at the beginning of the term. Please ensure that anyone picking up your child must bring the school I.D. Card with them.
  • Parents are advised to stress on punctuality and regularity. Both these factors are crucial to your child’s progress.
  • New students will stay initially for one hour and will be eased into a full day as they adjust to their new environment.
  • In the event that your child is unable to attend school, the school office should be promptly informed either by phone or in writing.
  • Parents who wish to take their children home early should speak to the receptionist who will get permission from the appropriate administrator and call for your child to come to the office. Please give the school office advance notice so prior arrangements can be made.
  • For security purposes, any person picking up a student early will be required to prove that he or she has your authority to do so. We strongly advise that they be in possession of your child’s school ID.
  • A fee bill will be sent at the beginning of each quarter. All fees must be paid by the indicated settlement date or a surcharge will be added.
  • All payments must be deposited directly and ONLY to Habib Metropolitan Bank, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz Branch, Lane -2, Phase VI, D.H.A., Karachi (for Defence and Clifton Campus) and Habib Metropolitan Bank, Allama Iqbal Road Branch, Plot Nos. 946 & 947 C, PECHS, Karachi (for PECHS Campus).
  • Parents wishing to withdraw their child must inform the school at least one quarter prior to the withdrawal date. In the case of a student who will not rejoin school in the upcoming August session, the school should be informed no later than April 30th of the session the child is currently attending.
  • Furthermore, please note that once a quarter has commenced, the entire quarter’s fees will be charged and no portion of it is refunded.
  • Long leave is granted at the school’s discretion after parents submit the Long Leave Application Form. To be eligible for long leave, the period of leave should be at least one full academic year and fees should be paid in full for the entire period of absence.
  • It is expected that a student on long leave will be enrolled in a recognized educational institution for the entire period of his/her absence and any academic progress reports must be submitted to the school upon rejoining Bay View Academy.
  • At the end of an academic session if the parents wish to continue or discontinue the long leave status, the school must be informed three months in advance.
  • If your child wishes to rejoin school during the academic year, the school must be informed one month in advance.
  • Mid-term individual Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled in December to inform parents of their child’s progress.
  • Assessment Cards will be issued at the end of the academic year.
  • Parents are encouraged to approach the school at any time regarding any problems concerning the child’s physical, educational, or emotional well being.
  • Should your child fall ill during school hours, you will be promptly contacted to pick up him/ her from the school office. The school will provide first aid as required until your arrival.
  • Your child’s hair should be checked regularly for lice. Lice are easily transferred and must be treated immediately.
  • If your child has any food related allergies, please inform his/her class teacher.
  • Children suffering from an infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school. In such cases, a doctor’s certificate must be submitted to the school office upon the child’s return.
  • Parents are required to leave a set of clothes in school bearing the child’s name. These will be used for any unforeseen emergencies.
  • If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, please inform the class teacher at least one day in advance. Parents may bring a cake, but ‘goody bags’ or elaborate invitation cards in the form of a gift will not be distributed at school.
  • Stationery will be provided by the school.
  • School property, however trivial, must remain on the premises. If your child inadvertently takes anything home please return it as soon as possible.
  • The school office should be informed promptly of any change in phone numbers or address.

Below are isolation periods for children with infectious diseases, which must be adhered to by parents. A child is not allowed to re-enter the school after having an infectious disease without a medical certificate. Children returning after such an absence must report to the School Office before going to class.





Chicken Pox Usually infectious before rash appears. 14 days from onset of rash.  No blisters containing fluid should be present.  All open scabs should be crusted and all scales should have fallen off.


Conjunctivitis Infectious while symptoms are present. Until symptoms have cleared.


Diphtheria Until certified fit by doctor including negative throat and nasal swab.


Dysentery and Diarrhoeal disease Infectious even after symptoms improve. Until convalescence (symptom free) is definitely established and normal stools are seen when off treatment.


German Measles Usually infectious before rash appears. 7 days from onset of rash in the case of a mild attack.


Head Lice Until head has been cleaned and medicated.  All nits must be removed.


Hepatitis Usually infectious before symptoms appear. Minimum 2 weeks.  Until symptom free along with fitness certificate from doctor.  Liver function test normal.


Measles Usually infectious before symptoms appear. For not less than 12 days from the date of onset of the rash.


Mumps Usually infectious before symptoms appear. For not less than 2 weeks from onset, with clear evidence of no swelling or inflammation of the throat.


Poliomyelitis Return when certified and cleared by the doctor.


Ringworms Return when certified and cleared by the doctor.


Scabies Transmitted by direct contact or handling of contaminated objects. Until proper treatment has been given.  Return when certified cured by pediatrician or dermatologist.


Typhoid Fever Water-borne feco-oral route. Minimum 2 weeks.  Return when certified clear by the doctor.


Whooping Cough Highly Contagious At least 2 weeks from onset and until cough has subsided.