Admission FAQs

We understand that securing admission to a good school is of great importance to both parents and children. As a result, ‘admission time’ is a very stressful period for everyone. We hope the following FAQ’s will help you to better understand the admission process and thereby make it easier for all involved.

As you may be aware there are limited seats available for Nursery candidates. We have no choice but to accept 1 out of every 10 candidates who apply. Therefore, if your child is not accepted at this time, please do not take it as a personal reflection of you or your child.

Admission is based on many criteria, some pertaining to the candidate and others to the needs of that particular group of students, for example the boy-girl ratio.

Our teachers are trained to encourage self-esteem and be positive with all candidates. Therefore, just because the teacher tells your child how bright he/she is, or how well they are doing, that in itself is not a reflection of your child’s performance in the interview.

The criteria being observed are: social relations, creative representation, movement & coordination, language development, and understanding of pre-mathematical concepts.

This is done informally through play.

We realize children are at different developmental stages and consideration is given to the age of the applicant. We are more interested in determining the overall intellectual and academic potential of the candidate.

Enrollment in a play school is not a pre-requisite for admission into Nursery.

All play schools have different curriculums and we do not favour one over the other.

Siblings are given a degree of preference but no child is guaranteed admission. However, you can re-apply again at a later stage for higher classes (III, VII and X) if you are still interested in Bay View Academy.

Selected students will be assigned to a campus at the school’s discretion. Transfer requests are not entertained.