Admission Process

Admission FAQs

Securing admission to a good school is of great importance to both parents and children. As a result, ‘admission time’ can be a very stressful period for everyone. We hope the following FAQs will help you to better understand the admission process at Bay View Academy.

Admission is based on many criteria, some pertaining to the candidate and others to the needs of that particular group of students, for example the boy-girl ratio.

The admission process consists of an in-person interview with both parents. However, applicants will accompany their parents to meet with our trained teachers. We are mindful that applicants are very young and our decision will be based on the potential of the applicant rather than an academic assessment.

The interview process is a chance for us to meet the applicant and their parents to determine compatibility with the values, approach and educational philosophy of Bay View Academy and an applicant’s readiness to benefit from our Pre-Primary program.

We realize children are at different developmental stages and consideration is given to the age of the applicant.

Enrollment in a play school is not a pre-requisite for admission into Nursery.

All play schools have different curriculums and we do not favour one over the other.

Siblings are given a degree of preference but no child is guaranteed admission.

Thank you for your interest in admission to Bay View Academy. We wish all applicants the very best through this process.