At Bay View our goal is to bring out the best in all our students. We realize that children face a variety of challenges in their development. Students may have learning difficulties that have not yet been identified, and sometimes children cannot achieve the success they are capable of due to emotional issues at home or with peers. As a school, we feel it is our responsibility to help students and parents address these issues so that each child may achieve his/her best.

For these reasons, counseling services at Bay View include screening for learning difficulties by a professional psychologist. If students are thought to have a learning difference, they are then guided towards having a full educational assessment. Our in-school psychologist acts as a liaison between the remedial tutors and teachers, as well as a support for parents.

Students sometimes face emotional issues and may need the support of a trained counselor to see them through difficult periods in their life. For this purpose, we have a full time trained counselor on staff who is there to support students when the need arises.